Leaving Wadi Rum – Part 1

I said good-bye to Ahmed at the campsite at 8 a.m. He had guests on a two-day tour so they were leaving for another day sightseeing in the desert and he wouldn’t be… Continue reading

The Wonders of Wadi Rum

Stunning sandstone mountains sculpted over millions of years by the elements. Great granite rock formations rising from the sandy valley. It’s a geologist’s wet dream and a traveller’s fantasy. T.E. Lawrence wrote about… Continue reading

Call Me Ichchryim

It took a while, but I received my Bedouin name. I had been dropping hints for a few days – if you consider “If I don’t have a Bedouin name soon, you can… Continue reading

Walking With Ibrahim

On days when we have guests, one of the guides drives me and Ibrahim to the desert camp around 1PM. Ibrahim is the camp cook and caretaker. He takes out the groceries and… Continue reading

Grab A Goat, Would Ya!

It’s my first full morning in Wadi Rum and I hear a commotion. It is coming from the back of the building where I live and work. I am just twenty-four hours in… Continue reading

How Do You Say “Scared Shitless” In Arabic? – Part 2

When Ahmed picks me up at the Visitors’ Centre, he immediately apologizes. He has a bad toothache. He explains he needs to sleep. Even in this condition, he is a gracious and kind… Continue reading

How Do You Say “Scared Shitless” In Arabic? – Part 1

There’s a saying, “Life starts where your comfort zone ends.” For me, life started on January 12, 2014. It’s a day I will never forget. I didn’t sleep too well my last night… Continue reading

Acclimating in Aqaba

There’s something about seaside towns. They’re more laid back and chill than other places. Aqaba, Jordan is the epitome of this – a hip little town on the Red Sea. As hip as… Continue reading

Bloggus Interruptus

Three hundred and three. That’s how many days it’s been since my last post. I guess I have some explaining to do. Laziness and life took over. Cairo threw me for a loop… Continue reading

In Tahrir Square

At least once a day I visit Tahrir Square. It’s a 15 minute walk through the hotel blockades, across three busy streets, and past the Egyptian Museum. Protestors have blocked Tahrir Square to… Continue reading